VR Space Development

The great shift from baby boomers to Millennials in the consumer markets demands a response from shopping mall, casino and other real estate operators if they expect to successfully compete and prosper going forward.

Millennials have different needs when it comes to shopping, entertainment and gambling. Specifically, research suggests that Millennials value technologically cutting edge activities, interaction, immersion and social aspects in their experiences.

This matters because they are expected to account for 30% of all retail sales within 3 years. And they are not only transforming their own leisure and shopping behaviors but those of their parents who are increasingly mimicking the demands of their children.

We have redefined the concept of out-of-home entertainment to appeal to this demographic.

We painstakingly recreate real-life extreme sports and exploration experiences, giving consumers unparalleled access to what has been heretofore inaccessible. The concept requires a purpose designed indoor space utilizing VR, simulation technologies, state-of-the-art audio, tactile, wind, lighting and timing technologies combined with live human interaction. The result is a high-tech, high-touch, and high fidelity experience.

These services are offered to corporates, franchise development companies, real estate developers and owners of unique urban locations exclusively. Porsche North America was an early client. We designed, built and now manage two VR racing clubs in high end Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta and LA.